Library Renovation Project Page

This page will be updated with all information pertaining to the Randall Library Renovation Project. You can find information on the individual committees involved with this project at their respective Board page, Library Building Committee 2.0 (B2.0) and the Exterior Design Committee (ExD)

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January 4, 202301.04.23 AgendaLibrary Building Committee (B2.0) Organizational MeetingNone01.04.2023 Minutes 
January 12, 202301.12.23 AgendaJoint B2.0 and ExD Committee Meeting - Project Kick-Off01.12.2023 Video01.12.2023 Minutes 
February 15, 202302.15.23 AgendaJoint B2.0 and ExD Committee Meeting02.15.2023 Video02.15.2023 Minutes

March 8, 2023, 6:30pm

ExD 03.08.23 AgendaExD Meeting03.08.2023 Video03.08.2023 Minutes
March 8, 2023, 7pmB2.0 03.08.23 AgendaB2.0 Meeting03.08.2023 Video03.08.2023 Minutes
April 12, 2023, 6:30pm04.12.2023 AgendaJoint B2.0 and ExD Committee Meeting04.12.2023 Video04.12.2023 Minutes
May 3, 202305.03.2023 AgendaExterior Design Committee Meeting05.03.2023 Video05.03.2023 Minutes
May 10, 202305.10.2023 AgendaB2.0 Meeting05.10.2023 Video05.10.2023 Minutes
May 24, 202305.24.2023 AgendaJoint B2.0 and ExD Committee Meeting05.24.2023 Video05.24.2023 Minutes
June 28, 202306.28.2023 AgendaJoint B2.0 and ExD Committee Meeting06.28.2023 Video06.28.2023 Minutes
July 12, 202307.12.2023 AgendaJoint B2.0 and ExD Committee Meeting07.12.2023 Video07.12.2023 Minutes
July 26, 202307.26.2023 AgendaJoint B2.0 and ExD Committee Meeting07.26.2023 Video07.26.2023 Minutes
August 3, 2023 Press Release on Library Project Update   
September 13, 202309.13.2023 AgendaJoint B2.0 and ExD Committee Meeting09.13.2023 Video 
November 27, 202311.27.2023 AgendaB2.0 Meeting11.27.2023 Video 
December 13, 202312.13.2023 AgendaB2.0 Meeting