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We will be airing any COVID-19 update videos from Govenor Baker as soon as we recieve them from House Broadcast Services. They will run repeatedly on our government channels (Comcast 9, Verizon 33) and will be posted on our YouTube page- StowTVNow.

Mission Statement- Stow TV provides high quality local video coverage and opportunities for engagement and learning.

Stow TV is a Community Access station available to cable subscribers in the Town of Stow.

Stow TV is cablecast on Comcast Channels 8 and 9 and Verizon Channels 32 and 33.  These channels are available to cable subscribers in Stow.   Many meetings and other shows are also available on Stow TV's YouTube channel, StowTVNow,

The Local Access Channel Advisory Committee (LACAC) is responsible for overseeing Stow TV.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jonathan Daisy Director (978) 897-7732
Noah Travalent Videographer/Editor (978) 897-7732