Finance Committee


The Finance Committee is an advisory committee. Under Stow bylaws, its members are appointed by the Town Moderator. The local bylaw provides that the committee may consider any or all municipal questions but must consider all money articles on the warrant and must report its recommendations to the Town Meeting.

The Finance Committee initiates and conducts the budget process by:

  • Reviewing the annual budget request forms
  • Meeting with the various department heads and board chairs
  • Holding one or more budget hearings in preparation for issuing its recommendations to Town Meeting

Board Members

Name Title
Erica Benedick Chair
Christopher Buck Voting Member
Brian Patuto Voting Member
Kevin Gross Voting Member
Evgenia Petrova Voting Member

Associate Members

Peter McManus

May, 2023

Vacancy Two

May, 2023

Vacancy Three

May, 2023

Vacancy Four

May, 2023

vacancy .

May, 2023