Planning Board

Phase I Town Building Reopening: Appointment Policy 

In accordance with the Town of Stow’s Phase I reopening schedule, the Planning Board and Department office remains closed to the public except by appointment. 

Planning Department staff continue to work full time, with part time staff presence in the office.  For all submissions of Applications and associated plans, a dropbox continues to be located outside of the front entrance to Town Building and is checked daily.

If you have a question, application or other issue that requires contact with Planning staff, please refer to the following Department Guidelines:

  1. Contact the Planning Department by phone at 978-897-5098.  Staff will direct your call to the Town Planner and Assistant Planner to return your call;
  2. In the event documents need to be shared, please reach out to the Town Planner at to determine whether email will suffice or whether a download link is necessary;
  3. In the event that plans need to be reviewed with staff or where multiple people need to meet to discuss a topic, staff will set up a video conference.  Where plans or other documents must be viewed in real time, staff will utilize a screen share function;
  4. In the event that a virtual meeting will not suffice, or access to such technology is unavailable, staff may set up a time to meet outdoors at the Town Building picnic tables outside the Lower Level of Town Building;
  5. If staff determine that all other options listed above are insufficient to provide an adequate level of service, accommodations for an in person meeting in Town Building may be made in accordance with the safety protocol currently in place.

Thank you for helping everyone stay safe while we find ways to offer our services in a new and evolving operating environment.

Last updated May 29, 2020

The Stow Planning Board is a five member elected board with one appointed voting associate member, the Stow Planning Board has specific statutory requirements. The Board reviews and approves the division of land under the State Subdivision Control Law (MGL. Ch. 41) and the Stow Subdivision Rules and Regulations; serves as a special permit granting authority under the State Zoning Act (MGL. Ch. 40A) and the Stow Zoning Bylaw; and guides the process of Zoning Bylaw amendments under the State Zoning Act (MGL. Ch. 40A).  Members are elected to five-year terms except for associate members, who are appointed yearly. 

Regulatory Duties
Under State Law, the Board is charged with the responsibility of protecting the health, safety and welfare of Stow's residents. Guided by the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Stow Zoning Bylaw, the 2010 Stow Master Plan and citizen's comments and concerns, the Board strives to preserve and enhance the integrity of Stow's character through the use of these regulatory tools, while safeguarding property owners' rights. The Board recommends and specifies changes to development proposals to achieve these goals. Board members and staff strive to work with both project proponents and citizens to help shape projects so as to minimize the impact to the community.
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Staff Contacts

Jesse Steadman

Town Planner

Valerie Oorthuys

Assistant Planner/ GIS Administrator

Susan Ostrander

Administrative Assistant

Planning Board Members

NameTitleTerm Expiration
Lori Clark



Margaret Costello



Leonard Golder



Karen Kelleher



John Colonna-Romano



Megan Birch-McMichael

Voting Associate Member


Mark Jones

Non-Voting Associate Member


Regional Committees

Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination (MAGIC), a subregion of MAPCTerm Expiration
Jesse Steadman

Planning Board Representative


Donald Hawkes

Board of Selectmen Representative