Stow Statistics

  • Stow is a member of the Nashoba Regional School District with the towns of Bolton and Lancaster. The local schools are Center and Hale Middle School.  
  • Nashoba Regional High School is located in Bolton. Stow is also a member of the Minuteman Regional Vocational School District, which facility is in Lexington.

Stow offers four seasons of organized sports for children and recreation facilities for residents of all ages.  

  • The fields are located at Pine Bluffs, Memorial Field at Bradley Lane, Pompositicutt Community Center, Hale School and Stow Community Park.
  • The Town Beach, referred to as "Pine Bluff", is located at Lake Boon. The Pine Bluff area also offers hiking, ice-skating and cross-country skiing opportunities, as well as a soccer field.
  • There are four tennis courts, two are located at the rear of Center School and two are located at The Stow Community Park.
  • At the Stow Community Park there are two basketball courts.
  • To the rear of Pompositticut Community Center there is a 1½ mile life course.
  • For golf enthusiasts there is Stow Acres Country Club, a 36-hole golf course; Butternut Farm, a 18-hole golf course; Wedgewood Pines Country Club, a 18-hole golf course; and Stowaway, a 9-hole golf course .  
  • For flying enthusiasts, there is a privately owned, public-use airport with dining facilities, Minute Man Air Field.
  • Within an hour's drive of Stow there are all types of recreational facilities, such as camping, boating, fishing, hunting, skiing, picnicking, etc., for which New England is justly famous.
  • The Pompositticut Community Center is home to the Council on Aging, Recreation Department, Veterans' Services Officer, and Town Social Worker.
  • The Fire Department is located adjacent to the Community Center.
Medical Facilities
  • Emerson Hospital in Concord and Marlborough Hospital in Marlborough serve the town of Stow.  
  • The Emergency Medical Service is operated by the Stow Fire Department and provides an ambulance and emergency treatment for accidents and illnesses.
  • St. Isidore (Catholic), High Rock Stow Chapel (formerly Union  Church) and First Parish (Unitarian) are located in the center of town.  
Shopping and Services
  • Stow's proximity to Boston and Worcester makes "big city shopping" convenient. But there are also shopping areas close to home such as in Maynard, Concord, Hudson and Marlborough.  
  • The Lower Village, easterly of the center, offers a super market, fitness Centers, hardware store, video store, restaurants, hairdressers, two banking institutions, the post office and a variety of other businesses and services
Public Utilities
  • Electric power is provided by Hudson Light & Power Department. Eversource (gas) services portions of the town. Cable TV is provided by Comcast and Verizon FIOS.  
  • Check with the providers to find out if it is available in your neighborhood. As there is no town water, every home and business obtains water from wells on their properties.  
  • Exceptions are two large housing developments which have private central water systems. There is also no town sewerage system, so all lots rely on individual septic disposal systems.
  • Over 92% of the housing in Stow is single family. Land areas of newer homes range from between 1.5 acres to 2 acres or more.
  • Older homes, many of them antique in nature, may have `considerable acreage.