• Payments not received in the Tax Collector’s Office by 5:00 pm on the due date will be subject to interest penalty at the rate of 14% per year, daily basis, from the due date until payment is made.
  • POSTMARKS DO NOT VERIFY TIMELY PAYMENT. Mail early to ensure delivery through the Post Office.
  • Mail payments, payable to TOWN OF STOW, in the enclosed pre-addressed envelope. Enclose the Collector’s Copy of the bill with your check. PLEASE do not enclose any other payment in the property tax envelope. If you have a change of mailing address, do not write it on your bill. Please note your property address, your parcel ID number, and your new mailing address on a separate piece of paper and include it with your payment.
  • If taxes are paid from a bank escrow account, check the policy of the mortgage holder. You may be required to send them copies of the bill.
  • Do not enclose cash.
  • Sign and date your check. DO NOT DATE THE CHECK AHEAD. Checks cannot be held by the Collector for later deposit. A pre-dated check that is processed and not honored by the bank will result in additional charges imposed by the bank and the town.

To request a receipt, enclose both copies of your bill  and a stamped self-addressed envelope.