Welcome to the Town of Stow

Map of Stow Massachusetts 01775

Nothing is lovelier than an old New England apple orchard in full bloom. Nowhere is that fact more evident than in Stow, Massachusetts. But Stow has more than apple orchards going for it. Stow has a four-seasons kind of beauty that makes it ideal as "a place for growing up and a place for coming back".

The town of Stow, a small rural community of 7,174 residents (2020 census), has an abundance of softly rolling hills and rustic country lanes. It is located in Middlesex County, about 25 miles west of Boston and about 28 miles east of Worcester.

Previous to its incorporation in 1683, Stow was called Pompositticut Plantation, a name that is still very much in evidence. The townspeople, in general, are concerned about preserving Stow's historical past. At the same time they encourage residential growth that is protective of both the people who live here now and the people who will live here in the future.