Local Access Channel Advisory Committee

The Selectmen established and appointed the Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Committee in November 2002 in order to assist with the development of Stow TV's Channel 9. The name of the committee has subsequently been changed to "Local Access Channel Advisory Committee" (LACAC). 

The Committee was created for the purpose of establishing a local access TV station for the Town of Stow, to provide programming in areas of public affairs, education and town government. Funding for this station is provided through a license agreement originally with AT&T and now with Comcast and Verizon. 

The committee's responsibilities include

  • Develop operating procedures and guidelines to operate the Stow TV Channel 9.
  • Construct the facilities to operate the Stow TV channel
  • Evaluate and procure equipment required to operate and broadcast a town bulletin board
  • Evaluate and procure equipment required to record and televise meetings and content provided by Stow citizens
  • Evaluate and hire staff to oversee the channel operations
  • Operate Stow TV.

For additional information about Stow TV, including Program Schedule, Handbook, and Forms, please visit the Stow TV page.

LACAC is primarily concerned with operating Stow TV. Stow also has a separate "Cable Advisory Committee" responsible for negotiating and monitoring the cable system in Stow and interacting with the cable company.


Robert Glorioso


Lisa Lavina

Vice Chair

Selectboard Liaison

Lee Pappas


Robert Putnam