Building Department

Appointment Authority: All inspectors are appointed by the Board of Selectmen

Description of Duties

  • Issues all building permits
  • Enforces Massachusetts State Building Code
  • Enforces the Town of Stow Zoning By-laws
  • The Gas and Plumbing Inspectors enforce the Massachusetts State Code pertaining to gas and plumbing. The Electrical Inspectors enforce the Massachusetts Electrical Code.

Applications for permits can be picked up at the Building Department Office or downloaded from the links on the left of this page.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Craig Martin P.E. Building Commissioner / Zoning Enforcement (978) 897-2193
Douglas Hyde Asst. Facilities Manager (978) 897-2193
Douglas Hyde Local Inspector (978) 897-2193
Courtney Poulson Admin (978) 897-2193
Robert Norton Electrical Inspector (978) 897-2193
Michael Norton Deputy Electrical Inspector (978) 897-2193
Charles Weeks Deputy Electrical Inspector (978) 897-2193
Adam Sahlberg Plumbing & Gas Inspector (978) 549-3201
Eric S. Sahlberg Deputy Plumbing Inspector (978) 835-1566