October 28, 2019 Minutes

Minutes- Oct 28, 2019
Meeting date: 
Monday, October 28, 2019


Local Access Channel Advisory Committee Meeting-

7 pm – Monday October 28, 2019

Attending: Bob Glorioso, Lisa Lavina, Brian Burke, Jonathan Daisy

Called to order 7:05pm

Meeting Minutes  

Lisa moved, Brian seconded, to approve the 6/3/19 minutes. Approved Unanimously

New FCC Rules Impact

Effect Sept. 26, 2019. Waiting to see if there is a reduction in what the town will receive from the cable company contracts, though it’s more likely that service/repair fees would be billed.

Computer upgrade/replacement

1 computers (6 years old) does not have adequate RAM to run the editing programs. Recommendation is to explore costs and present at the next meeting.

Stow Independent

Ad in the Independent is the best resource for posting our programming. Will be taking out larger advertisements.


There are an assortment of methods for streaming live (of Town Meeting, Selectmen’s meeting, other potential meetings). Discussion about which is best method for the time. Recommendation is to bring in a tech evaluation of the I-net as a starting point. Next step is to document processes.

Going Live

Going live to the town for the Town Meeting is approved, pending the approval of the Town Moderator, and the I-net situation is squared away.

Comcast Cable License Renewal

Contract renewal is three years from the end of October. Plan is to begin working on planning in January 2020.


Lisa moved, Brian second, to adjourn the meeting at 7:45pm