Minutes- January 14 2019

January 14th Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: 
Monday, January 14, 2019

January 14, 2019

LACAC Meeting Minutes

Attending: Bob Glorioso, Lisa Lavina, Robert Putnam, Jonathan Daisy, Brian Burke, Lee Pappas

7:01pm call to order


Robert moved, Lisa second, to approve the meeting minutes of December 11, 2018. Approved unanimously

Cable Advisory Committee

Discuss Cable Advisory Committee (CAC) role in the upcoming cable contract negotiation.  Bob moved, Brian seconded, to appoint Arny Buchman, Bob Mong, and Lew Halprin as associate members of LACAC. Unanimously approved.

Brian moved, Bob second that LACAC, in conjunction with CAC members, has determined that CAC has become redundant and wishes to so advise the Board of Selectmen that there is no need continue the CAC, and asks the board to take appropriate action. Unanimously approved.

Next steps are to work with the Town Clerk to confirm the process for dissolving the CAC

Brian moved, Lisa second, to adjourn at 7:24pm