LACAC Minutes-June 3, 2019

LACAC June 3 2019 minutes
Meeting date: 
Monday, June 3, 2019

Local Access Channel Advisory Committee Meeting-

7 pm – Monday June 3, 2019

Attending: Bob Glorioso, Robert Putnam, Lee Pappas, Lisa Lavina, Brian Burke, Jonathan Daisy


Meeting Minutes   Called to order 7:19pm

Approve 3/25/19 minutes

No minutes to approve

FY19 Budget status/roundup

We are underspent on the budget overall. The server is to be purchased this month.

HD server schedule

Due to be delivered and installed the last week of the month. Training will follow in July/August

Equipment needs-upgrades

Jonathan proposed purchasing three Canon XF405 Camcorders. The current cameras are in regular use and frequently all out at the same time. Camera models we currently have are no longer available. Brian moved, Robert second, to purchase 3 Canon XF405 Camcorders and required peripherals, not to exceed $12,000. Unanimously approved.

Discuss personnel options and needs for FY20

Succession planning for senior staff.

Volunteer and employee appreciation event

Budgeted amount confirmed.

Income stream possibilities

Review document from Attorney Bill August regarding recent contract negotiations successes.

There are indications that cable providers may reduce or eliminate their payments to local access stations in upcoming contract negotiations.  Jonathan will connect with other local stations to learn what they’re doing to supplement their fee-based income.


Brian moved, Robert second, to adjourn the meeting at 8pm