A written directive system has been established in this agency in order to inform officers of what is expected of them in the performance of their duties, to provide guidance to them in performing such duties, and to establish the basis for employee accountability and the means to fairly evaluate officer and unit performance.  These published policies, procedures and orders are to estiablish a transparent police department and will help inform the public of what to expect from the police department.

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General Orders:  General Orders are permanent written orders outlining policy matters which affect the entire department.  A General Order is the most authoritative written order the department issues, and may be used to amend, supersede or cancel any previous order.  General Orders remain in full force and effect until amended, superseded or rescinded by the Chief of Police.

General Order 2020-01 Dispatch Evacuation (Not Public Record, public records exemption (b) records shall be withheld only to the extent that proper performance of necessary governmental functions requires such withholding.)

General Order 2020-02 Pregnant Workers Fairness

General Order 2021-01 Community Engagement Plan

General Order 2021-02 Suspicious Persons

General Order 2021-03 Barton Road Dam

General Order 2021-04 Class B Uniforms

Policies: Policies summarize the department’s position on specific matters. Policies are concise position statements based on underlying organizational principles, goals, values, and operational philosophies. They are designed for broad general direction and guidance, primarily designed for use by all members of the department or by more than one operational division.

Procedures: Procedures build on the foundation of policy statements to provide specific guidance on required, desired, or preferred methods of operations or conduct. Procedures are more detailed instructions on means and methods for carrying out the policy directive and generally draw the boundaries of permissible officer discretion in performing specific tasks or duties.

**Unless noted these Policies were adopted by the Board of Selectmen and went into effect in January of 2015, they are being reviewed and updated at this time**

******Please note these are in the process of being added so they maybe downloaded, check back for further updates********

If the Policy has a * next to it, then this will not be available as a Public Record, public records exemption (b) records shall be withheld only to the extent that proper performance of necessary governmental functions requires such withholding.

1.01Use of Force4.06Authorized Weapons
1.02Use of Force Report4.07CORI
1.03Electrical Weapons4.08Response to Calls

Vehicular Pursuit

4.09LETN Training
1.05Preliminary Investigations4.10.1Bias Free Professional Policing
1.06Interviewing Victims and Witnesses4.11Body Armor
1.07Stop and Frisk and Threshold Inquiries4.12Communications
1.08Search and Seizures4.13Disciplinary Procedures

Search Warrants & Affidavits

4.14In-Car Video Recording
1.10Legal Process4.15Authority and Responsibility
1.11Arrests4.16Line of Duty Deaths and Serious Injuries
1.12Eyewitness Identification4.17Training and Career Development
1.13Interrogating Suspects and Arrestees4.18Use of Cell Phones
1.14Testifying in Court4.19Reserves and Auxiliary
1.15Handling Juveniles4.20Written Directive System
1.16Handling the Mentallly Ill4.21Computers and Data Security
1.17Elder Abuse4.22Use of Mobile Data Terminals
1.18Executing Search Warrants4.23Recruitment and Selection
1.19Off Duty Police Powers4.24Budget and Finance
1.20Police Canine Operations4.25Communication Center
1.21Baby Safe Haven4.26Crossing Gaurds
1.22Consular Notifications4.27Employee Early Intervention System
1.23Administration of Nasal Naloxone4.28Incident Report
1.24Epi-Pen Auto Injector4.29Off Duty Employment
2.01Follow Up Investigations4.30On Line Training
2.02Use of Confidential Informants4.31Organization
2.03Vice, Drugs and Organized Crime4.32Police Vehicles
2.04Criminal Intelligence4.33Promotions
2.05Domestic Violence4.33.1Sergeant Promotions
2.06Bias Crimes4.34Records Management
2.07Sexual Assault Investigations4.35Records Request
2.07.01Sexual Assault Investigations Training Bulletin4.36Uniforms, Clothing and Individual Equipment
2.08Missing Person5.01Traffic Safety
2.09Dead Bodies5.02Traffic Collisions
2.10Breaking and Entering5.03Motor Vehicle Inventory
2.11Bank Robberies5.04Impaired Drivers
2.12Motor Vehicle Theft5.05Parking Enforcement
2.13Structure Fires5.06Towing and Abandoned Vehicles
2.14Vehicle Fires5.07Traffic Enforcement
2.15Domestic Violence by Police Employees6.01Collection and Preservation of Evidence
2.16Identity Theft6.02Property and Evidence Control
2.17Electronic Recording of Interrogations7.01Critical Incident Planning
2.18Child Abuse Investigations7.02Special Event Planning
2.19Dealing with the Hearing Impaired Person7.03Homeland Security
2.20Officer Involved Use of Deadly Force Investigations7.04Hostage Negotians
2.21Post Traumatic Stress Procedures7.05Protection of VIPS
2.22Investigative Special Operations7.06Public Health Responses
3.01Transportation of Detainees7.07Special Operations
3.02Holding Facility7.08Stikes and Labor Disputes
3.03Detainee Processing7.09Social Media
3.04Detaining Prisoners7.10Harassment Prevention Orders
3.05Temporary Holding Facilities8.01CEMLEC
3.06Protective Custody8.02Interagency Mutual Aid Agreement
3.06.1Protective Custody Training Bulletin8.03Training Bulletin
4.01Internal Affairs9.01Interactions with Transgender Individuals
4.02Sexual Harassment9.02U and T Visa Certification
4.03Police Media Relations9.03

Reporting Abuse, Excessive Force or Misconduct by Law Enforcement

4.04Victim Witness Assistance9.04Commendation
4.05Death or Injury Notificaiton