Online Purchases- Safe Zone

internet exchange location sign


Stow Police Department has joined other communities across the nation in designating a “Safe Zone”. The “Safe Zone” is where members of the public are free to meet face-to-face to buy and sell items traded on online marketplaces, such as craigslist. The “Safe Zone” which is monitored by video surveillance, is located at the Stow Police Department. There is no appointment necessary for use of the “Safe Zone” but it is suggested that members of the community call the police department ahead of time so on-duty personnel are aware of the transaction taking place. Sales of alcohol, drugs, weapons, motor vehicles, boats or other large equipment are not permitted in the “Safe Zone”. By designating the above location as a “Safe Zone”, the Stow Police hope to reduce the incidences of crime associated with face-to-face conclusion of online transactions. The Town of Stow is not responsible for any issues relating to any transaction made in the “Safe Zone”. The community is also reminded to never hesitate to contact police if feeling unsafe or suspicious about an incident or situation.