Randall Library Building Committee

Objective: The Randall Library Building Committee is composed of one Library Trustee, one Select Board Member, one member of the Finance Committee, one member of the Capital Planning Committee, the Library Director and two resident Members At Large.  The charge of the committee is to oversee the pre-design process for an expanded and/or renovated library.

Responsibilities include:

  • Manage and oversee the pre-design process: develop and issue the RFQ/RFP, evaluate prospective design consultants and recommend a preferred consultant for hire.
  • Develop more than one conceptual design option.
  • Include cost estimates for the options.
  • Hold public forums for input from residents.
  • Recommend to Town Meeting the most efficient design, including cost estimates, that meets the Town’s needs for an expanded and/or renovated Randall Library. 

At-Large members shall serve through the end of the fiscal year in which the committee presents its design recommendations to Town Meeting. 

NameTitleAppointed By
Tina McAndrew


Town Administrator

Lisa Lavina

At-Large Member/Clerk/Vice Chair

Select Board

Kat Copeland

At-Large Member

Select Board

Peter McManus


Capital Planning Committee

Brian Patuto


Finance Committee


Select Board

vacancy .


Library Trustees