Adult Use Marijuana in Stow

At the October 2018 Special Town Meeting and subsequent election, voters approved a local bylaw allowing Independent Marijuana Testing Laboratories, Marijuana Product Manufacturers, and Marijuana Research Facilities to locate in Stow's Registered Marijuana Establishment Overlay District through a Special Permit process. Marijuana Establishments are regulated under section 5.5 of the Town of Stow Zoning Bylaw. A Google Map showing the location of the overlay district may be found here.

Marijuana Establishment CategoryAllowed?
Craft Marijuana Cultivator CooperativeNOT Allowed
Independent Marijuana Testing LaboratoryAllowed by Speical Permit
Marijuana CultivatorNOT Allowed
Marijuana MicrobusinessesNOT Allowed
Marijuana Product ManufacturerAllowed by Special Permit
Marijuana Research FacilityAllowed by Special Permit
Marijuana RetailerNOT Allowed

Categories of marijuana establishments were taken from Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission regulations. Complete definitions of these categories may be found here. Town meeting approved changes to the Zoning Bylaw to reflect the outcome of the 2018 election on October 30, 2021. 

Map of RME overlay
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Recreational Marijuana in Stow Forum Presentation - June 27, 2018

Chapter 94G is the State enabling legislation that legalized adult use of marijuana for recreational purposes.  The legislation outlines the authority of different governing bodies, details the rights of municipalities and outlines the key definitions that guide Cannabis Control Commission regulations and interpretation.

The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) is  a five member Commission responsible for implementing the enabling legislation from the state of Massachusetts, and creating regulations that will govern the emerging adult use marijuana industry.  The CCC regulations include requirements for licensing procedures, marketing of products, security and transportation details, and many other specific rules that are required to regulate the industry. 

Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies - Recreational Marijuana Resources