Town Hall Restoration Committee Seeking "At Large" Member


Town Hall Restoration Committee

Seeking “At Large” Member

Overview:  Article 43 of the 2018 annual Town Meeting approved spending up to $175,000  for the purpose of developing design plans for interior and exterior repairs, renovation and modification to the Stow Town Hall. A building committee is needed to provide direction with the design and engineering phase, to review qualifications of architects/engineers, approve the suggestions of the chosen architectural firm. Following completion of the design phase, the committee will report to the CPC seeking support for the use of CPC funds and make a presentation at future Town Meeting. If successful, this committee will then begin the public bidding process, award contract, and oversee the renovation project.

Composition: The Town Hall Restoration Building Committee will consist of 7 members.  Six members will be chosen from Town of Stow Boards and one member “at- large”. The “at- large” member should have experience with building renovation. It is hoped that Town Board members who volunteer will be the liaison with other Boards. We feel representation from Selectmen, Community Preservation, Historic Commission, Building Department, Capital Planning, and Finance Committee should be represented on this committee.

Term: It is anticipated that this project will take 2 ½ years to complete.

Application: The Selectman’s office will accept letters of application until the positions are filled. Send letters of interest to Selectmen’s Office, 380 Great Road, Stow, MA 01775 or email “