Stow Reaching Significant Drought Conditions



Stow Reaching Significant Drought Conditions

Contact:  Stow Board of Health

With 90 percent of Massachusetts experiencing drought conditions, Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Beth Card declared a Level 2-Signficant Drought for Middlesex County.

“As the state continues to experience dry conditions, and with little rainfall expected in the immediate forecast, it is important that we all implement water conservation practices to reduce stress on our local water supply systems and our natural habitats,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Beth Card. 

Private wells, local streams, wetlands, vernal pools, and other water-dependent habitats are impacted by drought conditions while water quality in ponds can deteriorate due to lowering of levels and stagnation.

While Stow has no municipal water supply and most residents have their own private well, it is important that while your well “feels” private, we need to remember we all draw from the same aquifer, which is now being stressed due to the lack of rain. While the Town of Stow cannot require restricted use of water for irrigation of lawns and gardens, it is highly encouraged in order to assure we all continue to have an adequate water supply throughout the summer.

 Individuals including residents utilizing a private well, are asked to take the following actions:

  • Minimize overall water use;

  • Limit outdoor watering to hand-held hoses or watering cans, to be used only after 5:00PM or before 9:00AM.

Taking water conservation steps now will help to ensure essential needs, such as drinking water and fire protection, are being met, habitats have enough water to support their natural functions, and to sustain the Commonwealth’s water supplies in the long-term.

If you should experience a well failure, please notify the Board of Health, as the state is collecting the information to identify particular areas of concern. Current status of draught levels may be monitored at and are updated weekly.


Level 2 Drought