Elementary School Building Committee

Charge of the Committee as approved by Selectmen: July 2007

Direct and oversee the renovation and addition to the Center School, as recommended by the School Building Task Force and approved by the residents of Stow in May 2007.  To include bringing a firm estimate of cost to Town Meeting for approval (expected May 2008*).  

To include hiring design services, contractor and other professionals as required.  The Committee shall use the final report of the School Building Task Force as well as the Stow Schools Master Plan in their work.  Committee members will need to be versed in the requirements of the Mass. School Building Authority and ensure that the building project meets all the requirements for potential reimbursement.

Center School Project Information
General Contractor is P.J. Stella Construction of Wakefield. The total value of the contract is $23,640,900--approximately $5 million less than our original estimate, great news for the Town and taxpayers!
We will be posting monthly reports by our Project Manager which includes the construction timeline, budget status and other updates on the project.  A folder can be found above with the most current (October).  Any questions can be directed to either the Committee co-chairs or the Project Manager (CMS) office. The committee is only meeting monthly so minutes are not as available, given that we don't post them here until approved at a subsequent meeting.
RECESS is an organization that is raising funds for the school building, which will offset the burden to the taxpayers.  They have scheduled a number of upcoming events, and are writing several grants to area foundations.  To follow their activities, learn how to donate, or join in their efforts, visit www.stowrecess.org

Please contact Ellen Sturgis, co-chair, if you have any questions.  Our meetings will be posted at Town Building and on this website (see Calendar).

This webpage will continue to contain the documents created by the School Building Task Force (March 2006-May 2007) and the previous Building Committee, which disbanded in January 2006.

Former Members

Name Title
Ellen Sturgis Co-Chair
Amy Finkel Hastings Co-Chair/Architect
Michael Wood Superintendent of Schools
Gary Bernklow Selectman (Finance Comm rep)
Charlie Kern Selectman
Stephen Quinn Contractor
Paul Griffin CMS Inc., Co-Owner/Project Manager
Lynn Colletti School Committee
Craig Martin Building Inspector
Lisa D'Alessio Associate Member
David Korn Associate Member