Caption Call

Free Captioned Telephone Service Available for people with hearing loss!

Do you find you are saying “what” a lot? Living with hearing loss can be a long and frustrating journey for many people. According to the World Health Organization, around 466 million people worldwide are either deaf or have disabling hearing loss, and people over 60 experience a greater degree of hearing loss.  Hearing loss often leads to self-isolation and depression because it can make daily life exhausting. Trying to keep up with conversations and concentrate on what is being said can be overwhelming, and often the easier thing to do is not participate at all. This is particularly true when speaking on the phone. However, there is hope. The CaptionCall captioning service and phone can give you the confidence and independence to use the phone again without worries. You can connect with life again.

What is CaptionCall?

CaptionCall is a no-cost captioned telephone service that allows people with hearing loss to read what a caller is saying. The CaptionCall phone displays big, easy-to-read text that automatically scrolls during your conversation. It dials, rings, and works just like a regular phone.  CaptionCall provides “red-carpet service” that includes more than just a no-cost phone and captioning service. You get no-cost installation, hands-on training, and ongoing customer support. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

How Can CaptionCall Really Be No-Cost?

Internet Protocol Caption Telephone Service (IPCTS) is an internet-based relay service system available to eligible individuals who have hearing loss that necessitates the use of captioned telephone service and an internet connection. As a provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the U.S. federal government established a fund to provide individuals with hearing loss access to captioned telephone service at no cost. This captioning service is administered by the FCC using funds from surcharges on all telephone bills. So, if you’ve paid a phone bill, you’ve already contributed to this important service. CaptionCall is an FCC-authorized captioned telephone service provider and is compensated by the government for providing this service. No costs are passed on to qualified users.

How Do I Get One?

To see if you qualify for CaptionCall service or for more information, please call or text Massachusetts account manager Peter Johnson at 617-862-6849 or What are you waiting for? Life is calling.