Boston Post Cane

Boston Post Cane

In 1909, under the ownership of Edwin Grozier, The Boston Post engaged in its most famous publicity stunt. The paper had 700 ornate, ebony-shafted, gold-capped canes made and contacted the selectmen in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island towns. The Boston Post Canes were given to the selectmen with the request that the canes be presented in a ceremony to the town's oldest living man. The custom was expanded to include a community's oldest women in 1930. 


Claire ("Peg") Kennedy, 100


Claire Kennedy - Photo courtesy of Johnathan Daisy


  • Donald Brown (died in 2014 at 105) - pictured below
  • Mabel Carvill (died in 2006 at 97)
  • Jennie M. Smith (died in 1993 at 96)
  • Mary Mikijaniec (died in 1990 at 95)
  • Leroy Gould (died in 1987 at 97)
  • Eleanor L. Smith (died in1986 at 92)
  • Clifford Martin (died in 1983 at 94) - pictured below
  • Theodore Mano (died in 1980 at 93)
  • Ida Neilson (died in 1977)
  • Emma Parker Scott (died in 1973 at 96)
  • Robert Swaney (died in 1972 at 96)

Donald Brown Photo Courtesy of Alyson Toole 

Donald Brown - Photo courtesy of Alyson Toole

Clifford A Martin

Clifford Martin - photo courtesy of Craig Martin