Wildlife And Plant Information

The Critters Around Us

fisher photo

The Commonwealth has an excellent series of flyers on co-existing with beavers, woodchuck, turkey, geese coyote, deer and other area wildlife.  You can find these here.

The February 2019 "Wildlife in Our Woods" presentation cosponsored by the Stow Conservation Commission and the Randall Library can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge9AIo30Sz0

The Conservation Department has placed trail cameras on conservation land and captured some stunning images of Stow's wildlife.  You can view the slideshow at this link:    /conservation-commission/slideshows/gallery-stow-wildlife

Bird List

The following bird species were found in Stow during the December 30, 2018 Christmas Bird Count:  2018 Christmas Bird Count List

General Invasive Species Information

Stow is a member of of the Sudbury-Assabet-Concord Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (SuAsCo CISMA) -- a partnership of agecies and organizations that have come together to work cooperatively to manage invasive species. For more information on invasive species, including identification of common invasives and control methods, check out the CISMA link below.
Also listed are some resources for identification and management of invasive species. Please remember to consult the Conservation Commission for invasive species eradication projects that are in or within 100 feet of wetlands or 200' of perennial streams.

Specific Invasive Plants and Pests

Native Plant Information

Planting for Wildlife - Sudbury Valley Trustees Eco-Landscaping Brochures