Wetland Permit Applications and Plans Under Review

Materials for Upcoming Public Hearings

220 Great Road - Request for Red Line Change to Plan (scheduled for 10/19/21 at 7:35PM)

479-483 Gleasondale Road - Notice of Intent (NOI) Septic System Upgrade (continued to 10/19/21 at 7:45PM)

New Information submitted since 9/7/21

267 Sudbury Road - NOI (scheduled for 10/19/21 at 8:00PM)

23-25 Hale Road - NOI (continued to 10/19/21 at 8:20PM)

New Information submitted since 9/21/21

156 Barton Road - NOI (continued to 10/19/21 at 8:35PM)

New Information submitted since 10/5/21


23-25 Hale Road - Request for Certificate of Compliance (COC)


Other Information (not scheduled for upcoming hearings)

22 Johnston Way - Notice of Intent (NOI) Stow Elderly Housing Corporation (hearing closed 5/18/21)

Athens Lane Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD)


Joanne Drive Subdivision Plan


Lake Boon Dam Repair - Pre-Application Discussion Meeting