Description & History

The Cable TV Advisory Committee was formed around 1985 to assist in the initial licensing process, Having completed that 15-year license, the Committee then monitored the cable company's compliance to the license and the quality of its service. In 2000, the Committee started negotiating with the cable company for a license renewal. Those negotiations were completed in November 2002 for a 10 year license renewal that includes among other features a video cable channel for use by the Town of Stow rather then sharing a channel with the Town of Hudson. The Selectmen created the Local Access Channel Advisory Committee (LACAC) to create and operate that video channel.

The Cable TV  Advisory Committee has no jurisdiction over the programming content or cost of the cable service and cannot assist Stow customers with problems in those areas. Problems with video cable or cable Internet (broadband) service should first be attempted to be resolved by contacting Comcast Customer Care at (978) 568-9414. If Comcast cannot resolve the problem, then contact the Cable Committee by sending a letter describing the problem to Stow Cable Committee, Stow Town Bldg, 380 Great Road, Stow, MA 01775, or send email to L.Halprin. If urgent, the Committee Chairman (Lewis Halprin) can be reached at (978) 562-9839.