Licenses and Permits

Permits and Licenses Issued by the Board of Selectmen

The Board of Selectmen issues permits and licenses at their regular meetings, usually twice per month, on the second and fourth Tuesdays. It is best to contact the Selectmen's Office via phone or email to inform Staff of your intention to request a permit or license. This will allow Staff to supply you with the  proper forms, instructions and to place you on a future agenda for a Board of Selectmen's meeting, if necessary. In some cases, a public hearing must be held and will require legal notice 14 days before  the scheduled hearing.

The Board issues permits/licenses for Use of Public Ways (parades, etc.), entertainment permits, automatic amusement device permits, liquor licenses, Class II auto sales licenses, Common Victualer licenses and more.

Please be aware that some permits and licenses can take up to two months to grant. Please begin this process as soon as possible by contacting the office at: (978) 897-4515 or send email.


  • Earth Removal Permit Application Form
  • Earth Removal Permit Application Instructions