Parking at South Acton MBTA Rail Station – Upcoming Lottery Information

South Acton MBTA Station Parking Map

Many Stow residents use the MBTA station at South Acton.  There is limited parking available and the Board of Selectmen is currently working with the Town of Acton to advocate for increased parking opportunities for Stow residents as well as working with Rep. Kate Hogan to explore the creation of a Stow shuttle to the train station.  The map (see link below) shows the various parking lots available and their current terms of use, i.e. available to resident or non-resident, daily fee or monthly lease. Please note that the Town of Acton presently conducts an annual lottery for the right to lease spaces at the two Jones Field lots and the Maple Street lot. Residents of Stow can participate in those lotteries, and the time to apply for spaces is now!  Lottery applications must be submitted between July 1 and July 31. You can find details and applications at:

The Town of Acton is currently in the process of determining the requirements for parking at the "Richards" lot on the south side of the tracks and other parking areas. The Board of Selectmen’s Office will update this information as it becomes available.

South Acton MBTA Station Parking Map: /board-selectmen/files/south-acton-train-station-parking-map