From our Animal Inspector
Wildlife that is normally out at night such as skunks and raccoons are often out during the day and are not rabid. If an animal didn't find enough food to eat during the night it may attempt to forage during the day. Animals will soon be out looking for food for themselves and their young and this may mean you will see them during the daytime. They may also be out during the day if they are disturbed by noise.  

However if an animal is staggering, acting sluggish or aggressive please call the police department for further evaluation.

For more information on wildlife, how to deter them from your property and their habits can be found on the Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife website as well as the MSPCA website " Living with Wildlife.  

The Board of Health also wants to remind residents to protect their pets from exposure to wildlife and vaccinate them for Rabies.

It is a Massachusetts State Law that all Dogs, Cats and Ferrets be vaccinated for Rabies.  The Board of Health urges all Stow residents to have their pets vaccinated.  The Town of Stow just held their annual rabies clinic on April 2, 2015.  If you missed it please check the Department of Agriculture website for other local clinics.