Sharps Disposal

New Regulation from Department of Public Health

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Important Public Information As of July 1, 2012
The Board of Health has received an updated regulation from the Department of Public Health (DPH) regarding the disposal of medical or biological waste.  The regulatory authority is 105 CMR 480.000: Mass. General Laws c. 111 ss 3, 5, and 127A.

Beginning July 1, 2012:  All hypodermic needles and lancets including used, unused as well as those in original packaging must not be disposed of in solid municipal waste, including household waste, and shall be collected and disposed of in accordance with 105 CMR 480.12S(B).”

The sharps shall be placed in red, fluorescent orange or orange-red leakproof, rigid, puncture-resistant, shatterproof containers that resist breaking under normal conditions of use and handling.  The containers must be marked prominently with the universal biohazard warning symbol.

The Board of Health will post the complete regulation on its town of Stow website.  Log on to the Board of Health website and click on DPH to read the complete regulation.