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STOW Massachusetts
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Tax Collector and Treasurer
Contact TypeContact Information
Donna Kunst
Assistant Treasurer-Collector
Cathy Murphy
Assistant Treasurer-Collector
380 Great Road
Stow, MA 01775-2127
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m


Pay Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes Online Click Here

There is a fee for this service if using a credit card
and a 25¢ charge for direct debit payments.

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The Treasurer/Collector’s Office is responsible for:

Collection of Real Estate and Motor Vehicle taxes
Tax Balance Inquiry and Customer Service
Collection of other town receipts
Investment of Town funds
Payroll and vendor disbursements
Administration of employee and retiree benefits

Payments not received in the Tax Collector’s Office by 5:00 pm on the due date will be subject to interest penalty at the rate of 14% per year, daily basis, from the due date until payment is made.

POSTMARKS DO NOT VERIFY TIMELY PAYMENT.  Mail early to ensure delivery through the Post Office.

Mail payments, payable to TOWN OF STOW,  in the enclosed pre-addressed envelope.  Enclose the Collector’s Copy of the bill with your check.  PLEASE do not enclose any other payment in the property tax envelope.   If you have a change of mailing address, do not write it on your bill.   Please note your property address, your parcel ID number, and your new mailing address on a separate piece of paper and include it with your payment.

If taxes are paid from a bank escrow account, check the policy of the mortgage holder.  You may be required to send them copies of the bill.

Do not enclose cash.

Sign and date your check.   DO NOT DATE THE CHECK AHEAD.     Checks cannot be hold by the Collector for later deposit.  A pre-dated check that is processed and not honored by the bank will result in additional charges imposed by the bank and the town.

To request a receipt, enclose both copies of your bill  and a stamped self-addressed envelope.

        THANK YOU

If you have a payment question, call the Treasurer-Collector’s Office

If you have a question about abatements, exemptions, or deferrals, call the Assessor’s Office


        The fiscal year for property tax covers the period from July 1 to June 30.   The usual billing dates are:

Issue Date
Due Date
July 1
August 1
October 1
November 1
January 1
February 1
April 1
May 1

        If the normal due date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the actual due date is the next business day.

        The Abatement Process

        An abatement application (available at Assessor’s site) can be completed as soon as you receive your Third quarter tax bill.   The Assessors’ Office cannot accept applications before those bills are mailed in December.  The deadline for filing an abatement applications with the Assessors’ Office is the due date of the Third quarter tax bill ( usually February 1).

        Application for Exemption or Deferral

        If you qualify for an exemption or a deferral, the deadline for filing an application is April 1.  The exemption or deferral reduction will be deducted equally from the third and fourth quarter bill.  An adjusted bill will be mailed showing the reduction granted.

        Penalties for Late Payment

        Under the quarterly payment system, interest of 14% per annum will be charged for the number of days the payment is overdue after the due date.   Timely payment (of all quarterly bills) is generally a prerequisite to preserving an owner’s right to appeal an abatement decision of the Board of Assessors.

        Certificates of Municipals Liens  are available for $25.00 per parcel.


        The motor vehicle excise is imposed on every motor vehicle and trailer registered in the Commonwealth.   Registering a vehicle at the Registry of Motor Vehicles automatically triggers the assessment and billing of the tax.

        The motor vehicle excise tax is assessed at a rate of 2.5% of taxable value.  This value is set by the Registry of Motor Vehicles and tax bills are prepared by the Registry for issuance by the town.  The original (model year) value is based upon the manufacturer’s list price according to the NADA Blue Book.   This taxable value is adjusted each year in accordance with the following schedule:

Year prior to model year
Model year
Second year
Third year
Fourth year
Fifth year and each year thereafter

        Motor Vehicle Excise tax bills are issued on a calendar-year basis.  The bill is owed to the Town where the car was garaged as of January 1 based upon the registration address provided by the owner to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

        Vehicles registered for a portion of a calendar year are eligible for prorating based upon whole months.  For new registration, this occurs automatically.   For procedure due to cancelled or changed registration, please review Board of Assessors’ web-site or call at 978-897-4597.

        Owners of vehicles registered as of January 1 can expect to receive a bill during February or March of that year.   Vehicles purchased during the year produce a tax bill two to three months after purchase.

        Questions regarding outstanding balances on Real Estate or Motor Vehicle Tax or payment by bank, please contact the office.
        If you did not receive a tax bill but have received a pink demand notice, fees and interest must be paid according to MGL Chap. 60, Section 3 and 16 that states that failure to receive a bill shall not invalidate a tax or any procedures for collection enforcement.

Stow Town Building 380 Great Road, Stow, MA 01775
Phone: (978) 897-4514 Fax: (978) 897-4534
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